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Working as a sculptor I am using moving image as a building block in the creation of video objects. Concepts often originate from physical activity or constructing processes that get re-rooted into kinetic contraptions.


I am German visual artist living and working in Helsinki.

I studied at Academy for Art & Design in Enschede in the Netherlands and hold a MFA degree from the finnish Academy of Fine Arts. My works have been shown in european as well as at international exhibitions and are part of the collections of Kiasma, contemporary art Museum and EMMA, Espoo modern art museum and I have several works at the National Gallery collection.



Schooled @

2010-2014 - MA, finnish Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki, FI

1993-1998 - BA, aki, Akademie voor beeldendeKunst, Enschede, NL
1996-1997 - Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, Vancouver, CA

2022 "Kesänäyttely", Art Center Purnu, Orivesi, FI
2022 "CAP", Y3 gallery space, Kobe, JP
2022 “Rokko meets art”, Videokaffe, "Fungi Luciferin", Kobe, JP

2022 “Raconteur”, PK7Työhuone art space, Helsinki, FI
2019 “Diachronical 1”, Gallery Muu, Lönnrotinkatu, Helsinki, FI
2019 “Diachronical 2”, Gallery Huuto,Eerikinkatu, Helsinki, FI

2015 “Iconics & Beats”, Gallery Sculptor, Helsinki, FI

2013 “Encore”, with Sari Palosaari, Alkovi Gallery, Helsinki, FI
2012 “Disport”, Kasarminkatu Gallery, Helsinki, FI
2012 “Finite and infinite games”, Gallery Pica Pica, Berlin, D
2008 “Contest of epilogues”, Gallery Huoltamo, Tampere, FI
2007 “Performance principle”, Muu Gallery, Helsinki, FI


2022 "Kosmosomsok”, Pengerkatu 7- Työhuone, Helsinki, FI
2021 “Kosmosomsok”, four-act outdoor performace, Kutomo, Turku, FI
2021 ”åstra”, -installation, Zodiak, Side step Festival, Helsinki, FI
2021 “Videokaffe”, Group exhibition at C.A.P.  Kobe, JP
2020 “Offsite”, a Sound piece, Titanik Galleria, Turku, FI
2020 “Rokko Meets Art”, Festival, Kobe, JP
2020 “Supermarket Art Fair”, social media take over, Stockholm, SE
2020 “ Nordic Nights”, Ryerson University, Toronto, CA
2019 “ Vision Machines”, Supplyframe DesignLap, Pasadena, US
2019 “ Supermarket Art Fair”, Stockholm, SE
2018 “LIFT”, New Dimensions of Media, Arts and Culture, Helsinki, FI
2018 “Harvest”, Saaren Kartano, Koonen Säätiö, Hietamäki, FI
2018 “Hauntology”, Galleria Oksasenkatu, Aave Festival, Helsinki,FI
2016 “Prison break”, TI- La Gallery in Jyväskylä, FI

2016 “Videokaffe”, Gallery Anhava, Helsinki, FI
2016 “Play in Art”, Artist Talk, Ming Studios Boise, Idaho, US
2016 “The Compiler Screenings”, White Frame, Basel, D
2016 “Sunset Boulevard”, Art in Vaasankatu, Helsinki, FI
2016 “Stress and Strain”, One Art Space Gallery, NY, US
2016 “Para-sites & Proto-types”, Open Source Gallery, NY, US
2015 “Time Flies, Jumps and Crawls”, Gallery LUDA, St.P, RU
2015 “Käsityötä”, Gallery Titanic, Turku, FI
2015 “H2Ö”, Festival, Turku, FI
2015 “Valtio +”, County prison Kakola, Turku, FI
2015 “Olohuone”, Media Art Festival, Turku, FI
2015 “Stand alone”, Gallery Huuto, Jätkäsaari, Helsinki, FI
2014  Lönnström Art Museum, Pihatalo Rauma, FI
2014  Interactive Videoskulpture project, Wasaik, NY, US
2014  H2Ö Festival, Space Blimb Installation, Turku, Fi
2014 “Space-man-technology-order”, Jyväskylä Art Museum, FI
2013 “KiasmaHits”-Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, FI
2013 “Fountin”, Gallery Titanic, Turku, FI
2013 “Snowcrash”, Public Art, Kallio, Helsinki, FI
2013 “Terveisiä perheestä”, Gallery Huuto, Jätkäsaari, Helsinki, FI
2012 “FITAX500”, MUU Gallery, Helsinki, FI
2012 “AAARGH!” Huuto Gallery , 10 years exhibition, Helsinki, FI
2011 “Snooze”, Plattform Gallery, Stockholm, SE
2011 “Kokoelma-DVDin”, Muu Gallery, Helsinki, FI
2011 “Finnish Treat”, Gallery 21, Malmö, SE
2011 “Secret places” curated by Maaretta Jaukkuri, Fiskars, FI
2011 “Privat show”, Kaiku Gallery, Helsinki, FI
2010 “Olotila ok !” Sara Hilden Art Museum Tampere, FI
2010 “Art Helsinki”, 10, Contemp. Art Fair, Messukeskus Helsinki, FI
2010 “Intertwining”, Gallery Kaiku, Helsinki, FI
2010 “Filosofin valinta”, Kerava Art Museum, Kerava, FI
2010 “Camp Pixelache”, Kerava Art Museum, Kerava, FI
2010 “Cabin Fever”, Tupajumi, , Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago, USA
2010 “Kuvan kaunit”, Gallery Fafa, Helsinki, FI
2009 “7 Cubes”, Gallery Kaiku, Helsinki, FI
2009 “Planet Fun Fun” Kerava Art Museum Kerava, FI
2009 “Constructed Realities”, Gallery Frise, Hamburg, D
2009 “Diamond Ideas”, Gallery Huuto, Helsinki, FI
2009 “My North”, Gallery Rantakasami, Helsinki, FI
2009 “Megalomania”, Gallery Huoltamo, Tampere, FI
2009 “Miami”, Hudson-Museum, Rotterdam, NL
2008 “Suomen Taiteilijain 113 näyttely”, KUNTSI, Vaasa, FI
2008 “Art Fair Suomi”, Valssaamo Gallery, Helsinki, FI
2008 “Taide 2008”, Wanha Satama Gallery, Helsinki, FI
2008 “New talents”, Gallery NOAH, Augsbug, D
2008 “3rd Beijing International Art Biennale”, Beijing, CN
2008 “Palm Fiction”, Contemp. art expo, Stralau, Berlin, D
2008 “Leonardo Art Award, The Walter Art Museum, Augsburg, D
2007 “Northbound”, -New media Art, Fluxus Gallery, Wiesbaden, D

2006 “What a Video”!, Muu Studio, Muu Gallery, Helsinki, FI
2006 "Der Ball ist rund",  BBK Niederbayern e.V.  D
2006 “Ball of Fame”, International Art exhibition, Berlin, D
2005 “Art Fair Suomi”, Kaapelitehdas Valssaamo, Helsinki, FI
2005 “Suomen kuva. liiton vuosinäyttely”, Art Factory, Porvoo, FI
2005 “Clues to human behavior”, Galleria Huuto, Helsinki, FI
2005 “Forever young”, Art Awards, Löwenhof, Frankfurt, D
2004 “Tupajumi, Intern. artist network”, Valssaamo, Helsinki, FI
2004 “Artiade, Olympics of Visual Arts”, Athens, GR
2004 “White”, Cooperative of Designers and Artists in Fiskars, FI
2003 “Retro”, Cooperative of Designers and Artists in Fiskars, FI
2003 “10th exhibition”, Cooperative of Designers and Artists, FI
2002 “PLOT”, Environmental Art Symposium St. Petersburg, RS
2001 “Texttour”, Install. Art from Finland, BKW Museum, Vreden, D
2001 “7+1=8”, Cooperative of Designers and Artists in Fiskar, FI
2001 “Metals 20001”, Coop. Designers and Artists Fiskars , FI

2020 “Nordic Nights”, Ryerson University, Toronto, CN
2018 “Putki Festival”, Fiskars, FI
2016 “The Compiler Screenings”, White Frame, Basel, D
2015 “Olohuone", 10th Video art festival, Turku, FI

2019 - AV arkki- Centre for Finnish Media Art
2013 - Videokaffe- international artist network
2011 - Cablefactory- Artist Association
2009 - Huuto- Artist Association
2009 - Association of Finnish Sculptors
2004 - Tupajumi- international Artist Network
2001 - Artistt Association MUU

2018 - Sfakiotes residency Lefkada
2014 - Saari Residence of the Kone Foundation
2010 - Cite ́ Internationale des Arts, Paris, FR
2009 - FRISE, Künstlerhaus und Abbildungszentrum, Hamburg, D


2008- LEONARDO, art award, Walters Art Museums, Augsburg, D


2022- Arts Promotion Centre Finland
2022- Arts Promotion Centre Finland
2020 -Visek, Centre for the Promotion of Visual Art
2020- Arts Promotion Centre Finland
2018- Finnish Cultural Foundation
2018- Visek, Centre for the Promotion of Visual Art
2016- Arts Promotion Centre Finland
2015- Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Uusimaa)
2015- Arts Promotion Centre Finland
2015- Visek, Centre for the Promotion of Visual Art
2014- Central Arts Council of Finland
2012- City of Helsinki grant
2012- AVEK  Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture
2010- Central Arts Council of Finland
2008- Central Arts Council of Finland
2008- Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland
2007- Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland

- Kiasma, Museum of contemporary art, Helsinki, FI
- The Art Collection of the Finnish State, FI
- EMMA- Museum of Contemporary Art, Espoo, FI
- Collection of the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki, FI
- Walters-  Museum of Contemporary Art, Augsburg, D
- Löwenhof-  Cultural Foundation, Frankfurt a.M, D
- City of Meppel, NL
- Various works in private collections

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